Saturday, 15 April 2017

Clause 17(b)

Clause 17(b)

All wildlife Photographers are hereby reminded of Clause 17(b) of the General Wildlife Photographers Contract, which states:

"All wildlife photographers shall execute, at least once per annum, one or more images of Anthocharis cardamines perched on vegetation (preferably but not exclusively Cardamine pratensis). Failure to meet this term of the licence will result in confiscation of all photographic gear and privileges for a period of up to one year, during which time of suspension the photographer will be required to post daily cellphone selfies on social media."

Well that's me sorted for another year. Observant followers will notice this is not the classic full body image. This is because: a) I muffed the focus on the full body shots, b) everything was blowing around in the wind, c) I couldn't be bothered to kneel down in the mud, d) I'm a lazy git.

Orange Tip, Anthocharis cardamines.

Nikon D7200
Tokina 100mm f/2.8
f8 1/125 ISO 100

First of the year: Early-purple Orchid, Orchis mascula:

First of the year