Thursday, 13 April 2017

The Snuggle Aphid

Aphis hederae

Shauna heaved out a deep sigh. In only two hours she would have to go into the boardroom and pitch her campaign to the full board meeting of Whyte-Thurlow-Furlong Public Relations. She'd worked all weekend, living on takeaways and coffee and now she'd run out of time. When Mr Whyte had called her into his office for "the partnership chat" she was thrilled. It was unprecedented for someone of her age to be offered a partnership. Offered a partnership if this new campaign was a success... Her brilliant idea for her signature client had brought her this far - everyone said she could pull off the impossible. "No-one likes aphids" they'd said. She'd showed them. When John Lewis based the Christmas TV ad slot on Ivy Aphids they'd had to change their tune. "The Snuggle Aphid". It was brilliant. They flew off the shelves and the industry came knocking at her door. It was the jingle that did it - "Get off, you're on my foot". That was why WTF were dangling a partnership to try to hold onto her. But now her career was in ashes. It was impossible. No-one could sell this bloody woman, it was impossible, she had no soul. There was nothing else for it, she'd just have to reheat the old Ivy Aphid campaign and wait for them to offer the job to someone else. Feck it, it would have to do. "Theresa Snuggle May". She heaved out another deep sigh and picked up her phone. Time to send out a few emails, start looking for another job. Where was the address for that care worker agency?

Aphis hederae on new growth of Hedera helix.

Sony ILCE-6000
Canon MP-E 65mm F2.8 G SSM
f9 1/100 ISO 2500
16 image stack in Zerene, PMax.