Friday, 23 December 2016

TwelveTrees: December

TwelveTrees December

As has happened in the past few months, I had a clear idea about what I wanted. This was going to be my only real winter shot, so I needed frost or snow. Not much chance of snow, but December 2nd was the perfect day, bright sunshine and a hoar frost - when I was banged up indoors! Looking at the weather forecast I knew this was going to be my only chance to complete the project, so with some trepidation I headed for the heights of Charnwood Forest where the patchy frost would be better than anywhere else.

Technically, this Charnwood Oak (which I suspect is older than it looks) was the most complex of all my TwelveTrees portfolio - two blended exposures (one for the frost and one for everything else) and twelve adjustment layers, but I think I managed to stay just on the right side of over processed.

And now it's over.