Monday, 15 August 2016

Cottongrass Three Ways

Cottongrass Three Ways

After flogging up to the top of Kinder Scout via Grinds Brook I wanted to capture the Cottongrass.

The image SOOC with minimal post-processing was lacking something - nice sky and I like the plane but it's a bit ... flat.

My first thought was to try black and white conversion with Silver Efex Pro2, but somehow that didn't quite do it for me.

As a last resort I tried some fairly subtle tone mapping with HDR Efex Pro2, with a bit of dodging to rescue the highlights. I'm normally not a big fan of tone mapping but I think I got away with it here - even if this is a bit Chocolate Box-y, it captures the heady feel that I wanted. Of course, your opinion may vary - comments are welcome.

Nikon D7200 f11 11mm 1/320 ISO 100, CP.