Sunday, 21 August 2016

Before A Fall

Before A Fall

Recently I've been quite happy with my landscape photography and congratulating myself on the progress I've made. As we all know Pride Comes Before a Fall - and this was the trip where it all went horribly wrong. Although it's true that No Battle Plan Survives The First Engagement, I'd previously checked out a location, I knew exactly what I was going to shoot, where I was going to stand and at what time to get the light right. Then of course it all went totally t**s up.

I got lost driving to the location (thank you Garmin!), made a series of stupid technical mistakes (wrong settings, bad filter choices and essentially shooting too much and thinking too little because I was flustered after the masterplan had gone out of the window). So although I like this shot because it has a nice autumnal feel (see what I did there: fall-pride, fall-autumn), it's NOT the one I had planned. This is little more than a fortunate happy snap taken because as I was driving around country lanes, I looked out of the window at the mist rising and thought Ooh, That Looks Nice. And that's simply Not Good Enough, so I've given myself a Darn Good Telling Off along the lines of what the inflatable headmaster told the inflatable pupil about the inflatable school:

You've let me down, you've let yourself down and worst of all, you've let the school down.

Nikon D7200 f11 16mm 1/250 ISO 200