Saturday, 28 May 2016

A Walk In The Park

Wash Brook Knighton park

5am and the sun was streaming through the window, the birds singing outside. I gave up on my third attempt to get back to sleep and got up. A quick cup of tea and a bowl of Wheaties, put out some mealworms for the robins. Time for ... a quick walk in Knighton Park. And very nice it was too, with the mist rising from the grass and the brook. I stopped at the Great Spotted Woodpecker nest and watched the parents feeding the (noisy) chicks, but the adults were getting a bit agitated with me being there, so I moved on. (Didn't manage to get a photo of the parents entering or leaving the nest hole, they were too quick every time. Or I was too slow....)

Great Spotter Woodpecker

By the pond I found this newly emerged female Azure Damselfly (had to look this one up when I got home, they're not easy to identify at this stage) still covered in dew and waiting to dry off and warm up for her maiden flight.

Azure Damselfly

Home by 6.30am, second breakfast. Nice way to start the day.